If you have been paying any attention to the housing market over the past year and a half, you know there are definitely fewer homes being listed today than in years past.  Heck, even a casual observer has to have noticed far fewer signs in yards on their morning commute.   So, as a real estate agent part of my daily life is dealing with frustrated buyers who are ready, willing, and able to buy, but unable to find "the one."  In fact, things are so tight they are having a hard time securing "the runner-up."  

Now more than ever, buyers need an agent who will think outside the box. Luckily, that happens to be a strong suit.  I love brain teasers, logic problems, and definitely enjoy a challenge.  So, in this market, when learning my buyers want a home for "X" amount in just one area, and there is currently nothing on the market, I send out a postcard to homeowners whose homes suit their needs.  And rather than opting for a pre-printed postcard to send out to hundreds proclaiming, "I've got a buyer for your home!" I design a card with a pertinent photo (maybe the subdivision entrance sign) and some personalized text about my buyers. I also research the sales history of each house to make sure it really is a good fit.

Once we have found that home there is a good chance we will be competing against a number of other frustrated buyers who have been searching for months.  While for many sellers "the bottom-line" can be uppermost in their minds, most have a great deal of emotion riding high during the process.  In order to tap into that I always encourage my buyers to write an introductory letter to the sellers.  "Why did you fall in love with their home?" can be a helpful starting place for that letter, and I am often surprised at the prose that comes back to me in pdf form.  Buyers are truly invested in the property and willingly express that to the sellers.  

I have added my own touch to those presentations on occasion (with the buyers' permission, of course) proposing, "So, your daughter is such a cutie...shall we use that to our benefit?" They chuckle and respond, "Absolutely.  Here's a terrific shot of her playing princess."  I know for a fact their lesser bid won because of that picture.  Or the buyers who tapped into the emotion of a home that was part of an estate when they spoke of envisioning their future children playing in the backyard, and promised to build upon all the wonderful loving memories they must have by creating their own for years to come.  The listing agent was quite candid when delivering the surprising acceptance, clearly expressing his own disbelief since we knew they could have countered for much more.  "I told them they should counter but they said they just felt this was the couple who deserved the home and were happy to accept at that price."

If you are ready, willing, and able to purchase a home give me a call today and I will give do my level best to turn your dreams into an address.