Our homes are filled with little things that annoy or aggravate us all day long.  No, not the kids, not the neighbor’s dog, but tasks that never leave our mental “to-do list.”  You know what I mean:  nicks on the baseboards or chips on the painted wall corners, a loose doorknob, a squeaky door hinge.  Every single day you encounter these things and you say “I’ve gotta take care of that” and you walk away and forget. While you may have momentarily forgotten, you have not let go of that nagging feeling that, on some level, adds to your daily stress.  So, commit to get these little things done…now.  And from here on out, take a few moments to act upon those “to-do” thoughts.  Tip:  If you don’t have time to complete the project immediately, get it started by leaving out a visual reminder.  Set that can of WD-40 right in the middle of the kitchen island so when you do get time you simply pick it up and get it done!

For many years the decorating trend for the master suite has been one of creating a spa like, relaxing environment.  Look for soothing colors; the new neutrals, which are light blues and greens (think aqua and seafoam) can be used as features or accents.  Nothing spruces up these rooms like new bedding and towels.  Nowadays you can purchase some very stylish ensembles without breaking the bank, and there are luxury hotel linens available at the big warehouse stores.  And while you’re at it, pick up some fluffy new pillows. 

Did you know that de-cluttering is also an exercise in de-stressing?  It’s true.  Talk about annoyances:  have you ever thrown something into a closet and closed the door before it could roll out?  If you’re selling, that’s a very bad thing since you’re buyers will undoubtedly open closets.  Being assaulted by falling objects could give the impression of a lack of storage space…or bring a claim against your homeowners’ insurance ;-).  Even if you are staying put, few things are more relaxing than the feeling that comes after organizing a closet, finding long-lost items, and putting things back where they belong.  Remember, without order there is chaos.  

We have little control over many things that add to our daily stress.  Today’s world assaults our senses; our homes are our havens away from that barrage.  Take control of these unconscious stressors you are surrounded by and have some fun decorating along the way.