Are you planning to list your home for sale soon? Is the cold weather keeping you indoors and you’re tired of what you see?   Here are a few tips to freshen your look.

While many staging experts recommend you scrub your home of all personal photos I find that to be overkill.  Instead I recommend you make a grouping on one wall of all the personal photographs.  Use frames that are the same color and vary the sizes, using a few mattes for added interest.  

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 Bookcases are meant to hold books but rows of bound pages are not the most interesting sight.  Small stacks of like colored books, one group horizontal, another group vertical.  Display small collectibles in between or to the side of stacks: candlesticks, a ceramic plate, a figurine, a unique vase.   Remember the eye needs a place to rest so leave space between groupings.

When displaying a collection always group in odd numbers.  Groupings of three or five are optimal; vary heights, as well.  (Think thirds, as in high, medium, and low.)  And on that note, if you have a “collection” (salt and pepper shakers, signed baseballs, Disney memorabilia)  group the items in one area so your buyers don’t go on a “scavenger hunt” during the showing.  You want people to see your home not your tchotchkes.